Whether you’re an experienced or seasoned travel nurse, there’s one task that’s unavoidable while you’re planning your travel assignment一 your housing!

Preparing to find your home away from home isn’t always easy. There are many things you need to consider while looking for housing in your assignment city. Travel nursing involves many unique circumstances and finding housing is one of those challenges.

Luckily, you’re not alone on your journey. Here’s a list of some travel nurse housing tips to help guide you through your search:


Finding the right housing option is one of the biggest and most stressful challenges you’ll face as a travel nurse.

Having a surplus of options to choose from may make it even more difficult to choose the right fit for you. The best travel nurse housing for you will depend on the specifics of your location, your living preferences, and the amount of shifts you take on while you’re on assignment.
Here’s a list of travel nurse housing tips that will come in handy as you prepare to embark on your next travel adventure.


Finding ideal housing that fits your lifestyle depends on many factors. Do you prefer living in a big city, in the suburbs, or by the beach?

For most first-time travel nurses, finding housing options that fit with their new travel lifestyle is often the hardest. Although knowing what you’re looking for is important, knowing what you don’t want (and won’t tolerate) on a travel nursing assignment is just as important as having a list of what you’re hoping for.

It’s important to take your personal preferences into account to help you adjust to a new lifestyle as well as getting you closer to an ideal home away from home.


When it comes to securing housing, you should always take into account what your travel nurse agency offers.

Most travel nurses utilize agency-placed housing options while on assignment. It’s a great way to save on costs, especially if you’re on short-term assignments. You’ll find many staffing agencies that provide rooms at apartments, hotels or houses specifically maintained to house travel nurses on assignment.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always ask your agency for additional housing options that meet your personal needs. You also have the freedom to choose your own housing outside of what your staffing agency offers.

Before deciding, don’t forget to ask for the average housing stipend for travel nurses at your agency. This way, you are sure that you efficiently manage your housing budget.


You can easily find some ideal housing options by doing your own research. It allows you to find an exact housing plan that fits your lifestyle and other personal preferences.

Doing your own research gives you the chance to meet your daily living needs. There are a few travel nurse-specific housing sites out there, and even more Facebook groups. The more options you have available, the more likely you are to make an informed decision.

Besides asking your recruiter for assistance regarding housing in the area, you might also want to ask for advice from other travel nurses that have worked in the same location.


Your housing details matter when you’re on the lookout for the perfect place. Is it furnished? Does it have the amenities you need?

If you’re traveling light, you’ll need a spot that’s furnished and stocked with linens, kitchenware, and any additional necessities.

While every place is different, most furnished units offer a bedroom with a dresser, lamp, dining room table, and couch. These are things you need to clarify with your landlord.

It’s best to understand what you are getting before you decide on a place, especially if you are looking for a cozy home with specific furniture and amenities that you need.


When it comes to travel nurse housing, location is everything. Where your temporary home is located affects your lifestyle, living costs, and your job.

Finding an area that’s either close to your workplace or close to areas of your interests is essential! Make sure that it’s somewhere closer to work, preferably in a safe neighborhood.

Consider your options for commuting too. There are tons of transportation options available, whether you’re looking to ride the bus, walk, hop on a train, or rent a car to get to work.

Your housing location is everything when it comes to finding your home away from home, so make sure you put careful consideration in choosing the location of your next temporary abode.


While many travel nurses are carefree individuals with little to tie them down, being a travel nurse living with family members is quite common.

This doesn’t just apply to just families, but also to friends in the area. A lot of travel nurses often choose locations close to their loved ones. This can be a great opportunity to save on housing expenses.

Seasoned travel nurses with families have already uncovered the not-so-secret benefits of sticking together while on the road. The truth is, travel nursing with your family can be an all-expenses-paid vacation!

It’s important that you’re upfront when traveling with a pet. Make sure you communicate this with your agency and recruiter.

If you are using agency-placed housing, your recruiter can help find the right pet-friendly options for you. However, if you decide to find your own housing, be sure to make sure that your place allows pets and check for any breed or weight restrictions.


Finding an ideal place to live in while you’re on assignment matters. It also means that you need to find a company that caters to all of your needs, housing included. The agency you will be working with, alongside your recruiter, should be working to give you the travel nursing lifestyle of your dreams.

At Corratel, you have the right company to support you; we make sure to provide for your needs and take care of you.

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