Staffing Solutions

Corratel is built on a robust network of expertise that crosses industries and geographies. Our diversity first recruiting experts are skilled at identifying the best talent for your organization’s culture and its goals.

IT & Engineering Staffing

As your IT and Engineering staffing partner, we connect you with talent who are the best fit for your hiring needs.

By combining cutting-edge recruiting technology and matching algorithms, with best-in-class customer service, we have been helping hiring managers like you for decades.

Let us help find the right technology and Engineering talent for your organization, find out what diversity can do for you!


Healthcare Staffing


Corratel’s medical staffing experts understand healthcare’s unique and ever-evolving challenges. Our employees have on average 10+ years of staffing experience and go through continuous training to best understand clinical roles, licensing requirements, employment laws and market trends.

Office & Administrative Staffing

We deliver a better fit, pairing clients and candidates whose goals and mindsets are closely aligned. Beyond a simple match of office and administrative skills, we work to understand quality as it’s defined by clients and capabilities as they are embodied by candidates.

Our approach goes beyond mechanical matches. Our recruiters rely on instinct, interaction, observation and informed judgments to spot real compatibility and make placements that allow both the individual and the company to thrive.

Industrial Staffing

At Corratel, we have an extensive, local database of manufacturing and logistics talent and validated assessments to measure skills and work ethic.

We know the local talent market, understand current employment trends and have deep knowledge of the manufacturing and logistics environments.

We help you identify the best candidates for your team today and get quality candidates quickly.

Let's get started!

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