Every industry has its own unique challenges, and it’s our deep understanding of each individual landscape that allows us to deliver groundbreaking solutions. Take a closer look at the industries we serve.

Life Sciences

As the life science industry continues to change, so should your way of thinking about how you manage core processes.

Our tailored workforce solutions can help.

& Financial Services

The industry is constantly evolving as it deals with changing economics, regulatory pressures and the growth of mobile banking.

We’re here to help you build teams in order to stay ahead.


Your business needs to move at a lightning fast speed to keep pace with technology and customer demands.

Let us create an immersive culture that adapt at the same speed.


We’ll help transform your workforce so that you can continue to innovate and revolutionize your performance tomorrow.

Consumer Goods

By identifying new ways to connect with customers, our talent solutions can help consumer products companies enhance their brands and grow market share.

Media & Entertaiment

The digital landscape is constantly evolving from both a product and skill-set perspective.

Let Corratel helping you create a seamless experience so your subscribers stay happy, engaged and loyal to your brand.


The future of education is all about great teams.

We offer great people to keep challenging the learning experience.


Looking for new ways to make your business more successful?

Our diverse talent can take your business to a whole new level.

Energy & Utilites

Corratel helps challenge the way you look at your business and can help you find ways to utilize great talent.


While you’re leading the way in the tech industry, our team is doing the same to help online companies, software vendors and hardware manufacturers define their future.


You’re committed to the care of your patients and clients.

And we’re committed to helping your business improve and grow in a time of dramatic change.

Transportation & Logistics

Running a successful transportation company today means being more responsive.

Our exceptional talent can help streamline your operations, improve visibility and drive business performance.

Information Services

Companies like yours have revolutionized real-time information. To maintain and sharpen your business edge, turn to our experts.

Travel & Hospitality

Getting a competitive advantage means challenging conventional thinking.

Our flexible global business services helps you stay ahead.


Moderating interest rates, higher costs and new ways of delivering service are changing the insurance industry.

Let us challenge the way you do business with our emerging technologies and services.

Let's get started!

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